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Ben Hogan Car Accident - February 2nd, 1949

For those of you who know me or who have taken lessons from me know that I am a huge admirer of Ben Hogan. Then again, who isn't?

Today (February 2nd, 1949), was the horrific day when Mr. Hogan and his wife Valerie, were involved in a head on collision with a Greyhound bus. Upon seeing the oncoming bus, Mr. Hogan threw his body in front of Valerie. That act of bravery not only saved her life, but his own as well. He suffered many broken bones and sustained many injuries, which included permanent damage to both legs. The prognosis from doctors was that he would probably never walk again and playing golf would not be an option. 


Drawing inspiration from the thousands of letters and cards he received from well wishers and fans, and sheer determination, he proved them wrong! Mr. Hogan not only returned to play golf, but he played in  AND won the 1950 U.S. Open! He went on to play some of his best golf ever which included six majors (U.S. Open (3), the Masters (2), and the British Open).

For a brief history and accomplishments of his life, please visit the World Golf Hall of Fame's website by clicking on his signature below:

And here's a very, very brief  video mentioning the car accident!

May his life and accomplishments inspire you as they continue to inspire me!

Peace... Love... Golf!



This is an incredible story. Not only was he romantic and heroic, he also proved people wrong when they told him he can never walk again. Truly inspiring.

I guess the best thing that happened from that tragic event is not only did it bring people together to push Ben to recovery but also, it inspired a lot like you to appreciate the sport even more. There is always that silver lining in a cloud full of smog.

I think he was still able to live a full life after that tragic accident. He was a good example to the world of golf.

Hope you are well!
A great tribute to a great man and golfer!
J.R. Ross

I've seen so many pages of honor and love for this Ben Hogan guy. I may not have lived in his era but my passion for the same sport that he championed in and out the field makes me feel I owe him something more special than just respect.

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