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Simple Keys for Better Chipping

I've written about chipping previously, yet I think it's worth repeating. And this time I've added a video as well. While short in length (47 seconds long) it's filled with great info! But before you go on to the video... let me summarize what it takes to make a good chip shot...

  1. In a good chip shot stroke... the club is striking the ball on a descending blow. Many Golfers that struggle with chipping try to "help" the ball in the air by "flipping" the club using their hands and wrists. There's no need for that unless you're trying to chip the ball up in the air using a 1-iron (remember those?). So if you've chosen the correct club with the loft you want... then let the CLUB DO THE JOB IT WAS DESIGNED TO DO... or else... choose another club!
  2. To assist with striking the ball on a descending blow... address position is key. Begin with placing a bit more weight on your forward foot... about 55-60%. And remain with the weight on that foot throughout the entire shot.
  3. I also like for Golfers to have their hands forward of the ball at setup position. Have the club handle pointing at the forward hip (left hip for right-handed golfers).
  4. When you swing. focus on finishing with the club head low to the ground. For a simple chip shot like the one I'm demonstrating, the clubhead stays well below my knees. A good visual for you to use.
  5. You'll notice in the video that my upper arms stay connected to the sides of my chest throughout the entire stroke. This assists with keeping my arms bigger muscles of my body working together which encourages me to use shoulders instead of hands AND keeps the club face on path and pointing to my target. When the left elbow separates from the body on the follow-through, it can cause the club face to open, causing the ball to go right or pop up too high. If the right arm separates, it causes the club face to close too soon, causing the shot to go low and possibly left of target.
  6. A very important factor for successfully executing the chip shot is for me to keep my hands light throughout the stroke. I am VERY aware of where the clubhead is in the stroke and can FEEL it following my hands through impact. At no instance am I using the hands to push the club forward at the ball. Focus on keeping constant grip pressure on the club from beginning to end for better results.
Okay... off to the video!

Peace... Love... Golf!



An important component intended for productively performing this computer chip chance is for everyone to hold our hands and wrists mild through the entire swing. I'm INCREDIBLY aware of the spot that the clubhead is at this swing which enables it to THINK the idea following our hands and wrists by means of influence. In absolutely no illustration feel My partner and i while using hands and wrists to help press this golf club ahead for the ball.Garmin Golf GPS

Hey nice video there mate! I'm not sure if there is any bearing with using a perfectly fit ecco golf outdoors shoes for that but the tips are all well worth it. Cheers!

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